General Interviews

23rd Aug 2018

Ever think of moving to the Middle East

Ever think of moving to the Middle East? Well expect some heat and prepare to miss the African rain. Click below to hear a little bit more […]
23rd Aug 2018

Vacuuming Rules

This week Newton Cross has tips on vacuuming rules. If you’re wondering what the golden rules are, click on the link below.
17th Aug 2018

Lynn Berggrenn says China chose her

Lynn is a teacher located in Shanghai and says the biggest change is culture shock and her curly hair is known as noodles to her students, […]
13th Aug 2018

Well mannered guests

A gift or just your presence? or could it maybe be timing?  Well Newton Cross has every detail of being a well-mannered guest when you’re being […]
10th Aug 2018

Switzerland Beauty in the heart of Europe

Carl Cronje tells us a bit about Switzerland, he runs a hotel in a small village between beautiful mountains. To hear more about Switzerland click on […]
7th Aug 2018

Restroom Etiquette

Public toilets aren’t everyone’s favourite but with the right restroom etiquette everything should run smoothly click below to do’s and don’ts with Newton Cross
30th Jul 2018

General Social Etiquette 

General social etiquette is a real thing and the little things mean the most. Your left and right side of your body has a meaning and […]
27th Jul 2018

Tussen Ons took a twist and Tracey took a spin on DJ decks.

Tussen Ons hosted the infamous Cape Town DJ Ready D and he taught Tracey how to DJ. Click on the clip above to hear what they […]
26th Jul 2018

This week we hear a little bit about Germany and all of its goodness

This week we hear a little bit about Germany and all of its goodness. Laurita, who is originally from Mitchells Plain and now lives in Freiburg, […]