About Me

What started out as a hobby, is now a fulltime career for this lady from the beautiful town of Somerset West. From starting as a news reader on a commercial radio station, to hosting one of the biggest shows on kykNet called Bravo! (channel 144 DStv).

If she’s not on the radio or TV, you can see her on the covers of magazines or in the social pages. Her energy seems to be never ending and you could even bump into her hosting an event or even just walking the streets of Cape Town. She loves walking everywhere!

In 2017, Tracey celebrated her 10th year in commercial radio and 5th year on National TV. In 2015 she joined Heart FM and within a year has cemented herself in the hearts of listeners with her spontaneity, quick wit and love for all people. This statement is also based on fact – since hosting the radio show, the ratings have increased dramatically and this has also made it even easier to gain access to many great people to be interviewed on her show.

Tracey is no stranger to television and in 2018 she got the opportunity to co-host the glamorous dance extravaganza Dancing with the Stars SA. At the time, Tracey left radio to focus on her television career but her love for radio crept back in.  In mid-2018 Tracey joined KFM with a new show called Mid-mornings with Tracey from 09:00 to 12:00 on weekdays. The show is filled with a range of good music and useful tips on lifestyle, hospitality, and travel. But this was not all for Tracey. An all-new female panel Afrikaans talk show called Tussen Ons knocked on Tracey’s door. The talk show produced by Homebrew Films is filmed in front of a live studio audience with a panel of women tackling daily issues which airs on Thursdays at 20:00 on KykNET & Kie.