15th Oct 2019

Wayne Oliver Interview

I had the privileged of interviewing Wayne Oliver that chatted to me about his addiction to drugs for many years and the changes he made to […]
15th Oct 2019

Nikki Bouwer from Heartlands Baby Sanctuary

I chatted to Nikki Bouwer from Heartlands Baby Sanctuary in Somerset West. This is an amazing NGO doing incredible work with orphaned, vulnerable and abused children […]
6th Sep 2019

Accessible Tourism

Tracey talks to Tarryn Tomlinson with regards to Accessible Tourism and what that means to those traveling to and round SA in terms of international stands […]
6th Sep 2019

Nafisa from the Grey Foundation

Tracey chatted to Nafisa the found of The Grey Foundation. Nafisa spoke about their #Nandi #Schoolgirlinitiative and how every R2,500 sponsorship can carry a disadvantaged girl’s […]
30th Apr 2019

Howard Feldman

Need a bit more to get going for the week? Take a listen to Howard Feldman, author of Smile, Dammit!      
21st Nov 2018

New York

Madineyah moved to New York in 2013 after she met the man of her dreams. She says New York is even better than what it seems […]
21st Nov 2018

Party with a purpose

Ingrid Jones my #WCW. Ingrid tells us about party with a purpose. Party with a purpose is an initiative which is 10 years old. What is […]
9th Nov 2018

Bless a Baby

We speak to Glynnis from Bless-a-Baby and find out how many newborns they’ve assisted through their initiative.  
9th Nov 2018

Cara tells us a little bit about Hamburg, Germany

We hear what life is like for Cara in Hamburg, Germany and what we find out if hamburgers really do come from Hamburg.